Homeschooling Styles of Learning

By no means is this page complete, and I have not used all of these sites.  They are just pages I have come across and found interesting, and others may find them helpful.

new  Homeschool Curriculum Advisor

Charlotte Mason

Ambleside Online Curriculum

Plutarch Study notes
AO Plutarch
AO Plutarch Dion
AO Plutarch Publicola Study by Anne White

An Old-Fashioned Education

Charlotte Mason Help

Living Books Curriculum

SCM Blog – Simply Charlotte Mason

What is the Charlotte Mason Method – Simply Charlotte Mason

 Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd)

The official site of Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver & Rachel DeMille

 Classical Education Homeschooling

Classical Christian Homeschooling in development

Classical Christian Homeschooling Classical Education at Home

Classical Conversations! – Classical Conversations!

Critical Thinking For Young Students (Elementary K-6)

Memoria Press Classical Education

Unschooling and other info

Unschooling Canada