History and Geography

By no means is this page complete, and I have not used all of these sites.  They are just pages I have come across and found interesting, and others may find them helpful.

CANADA – History, Geography, Social Studies  (Donna Ward – most thorough curriculum I have found)

Beautiful Feet Books – History Through Literature

Books to Supplement History

Canada Printable Maps

Canadian Year 2 – A few Changes

CBC Canada History School Resources

Canada A People’s History – Teacher Resources Grades 5-9

Canada A People’s History – Teacher Resources Grades 10-12

GEOGRAPHY – EnchantedLearning.com

History & Geography – Well Trained Mind  (Story of the World and more)

History Curriculum Homeschool Heritage History

Home School in the Woods — Timeline Figures, History Studies, and more!

Homeschool Living Books Trade and Empire – Create your own History Curriculum

Knowledge Quest 2013 – History and Geography Resources for the Classroom and Home

MapMaker Interactive – National Geographic Education

Maps ETC Homepage

Native Americans – American Indians in Children’s and YA Books – A Guide

Ontario Huronia Historical Parks Saint-Marie among the Hurons

Other samples « Diana Waring

Paddle_to_the_Sea – Google Maps

People of the past

Vikings Historica – Dominion

Welcome – Early Canadiana Online

World History Collection – Basic Search