Bible Studies

By no means is this page complete, and I have not used all of these sites.  They are just pages I have come across and found interesting, and others may find them helpful.


Studying God’s Word  – Workbooks that study the bible in multiple levels (This link is just to one level, search for others – A-H)

Adorable Christian Bible Coloring Pages

Bible Gateway

Bible Gr 1-3 New Testament Curriculum

Bible Gr 1-3 Old Testament Curriculum

Calvary Curriculum Children’s Curriculum

Bible NT stories

Bible OT stories

Bible quotes

Bible Rhymes and Songs

BIBLE Your Story Hour Adventures In the Bible

Child Bible Songs – the free child song lyric site

Children’s Bible Studies Bible Study Planet

Jesus Loves Me song and lyrics from KIDiddles

Keys for Kids Online Daily Devotional & Radio Program CBH Ministries

one2believe Bible Based Toys for Children – Free Resources for Parents (Articles, Bible Stories, Coloring Pages)

Picture Smart Bible – Picture Smart Bible

Hymn Searches

What is SOAP


Wise Up: Wisdom in Proverbs – In middle school, young people face more and more decisions on their own. Soon they find that their new freedoms are followed by greater responsibility and higher expectations. Wise Up encourages your students to study the wisdom of God in Proverbs, allowing Him to shape their lives into the image of His Son, Christ.

A Content Heart (Youth): Finding Godly Contentment in a Me-First World – (THIS LINK IS JUST GENERAL – YOU CAN SEARCH FOR OTHER VENDORS THAT SELL IT TOO)
A Content Heart is a 22-lesson Bible study helping kids and teens to find godly contentment in a me-first world. Students will go on a journey through Scripture, learning how to practically and realistically find contentment with themselves, their circumstances, and their worldly possessions.