ART Studies

By no means is this page complete, and I have not used all of these sites.  They are just pages I have come across and found interesting, and others may find them helpful.


Lapbooking / Notebooking

Hands of A child

Notebooking Pages


Christmas Craft How to make Paper Snowflakes


Crayola Creativity Central™ – Lesson Plans and More

Creative, fun ideas for Parents, Teachers and Childcare Professionals

Disney Easter Crafts and Recipes

Fireflies in a Jar Craft – Crayola Offcicial Site

Heart Tarts – Valentine’s Day

How to draw pets, step by step, animals, with our FREE online drawing tutorials!

Kids sewing projects Index

Artist Colouring pages

Online Art Lessons – dandanart – YouTube

Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities – Christian Crafts and Learning Activities for Children and Kids of all Ages

Harmony Fine Arts – Yearly Curriculum Plans for Art and Music combined

Interactive ART & MUSIC – FAQ

Picture Study Portfolios – Simply Charlotte Mason

 Biographies and Art Work

Georges Seurat Biography

Jacob van Ruisdael – Two Watermills and an Open Sluice at Singraven

Paintings Renoir, Girl with Watering Can