Swan Lake 2016

Last year our daughter auditioned and earned a roll in the Ballet Jörgen Canada Company’s performance of the Nutcracker.   This year, they did Swan Lake.


There were 40 local dancers auditioning for roles.  In our daughter’s age category, they only needed 3 dancers (there were 18 auditioning).  The company was so great.  In order to give the most amount of dancers a chance, they split it so that they would take 3 dancers on the Friday show, and 3 more on the Saturday show.

We were so blessed to find out that our little dancer earned one of the three roles.   The roles were 2 for children and 1 for a “scaredy page”.   She was to be the page.swan-lake-oct-14-2016

Unlike the Nutcracker, in which they had rehearsal every Sunday morning for almost 2 months prior to the show, for Swan Lake they had a 2 hr rehearsal immediately following the auditions; a rehearsal the day before, and then the costume fittings and dress rehearsal today – before the first show.

The ballet company were amazing.  The costumes were breathtaking (as usual).
It is an experience to remember.

We look forward to auditions again next year.


Check out their web site for schedule of show performances.




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