FREE Rocks…

People always seem to be looking for FREE things.  Unfortunately, we also learn that some free things lack any quality.

Luckily, today someone shared with me a great resource.  Free Piano Lessons Online.

Having one child going into RCM Gr 8 piano now, we know the expenses involved with lessons, exams, and even performances.  Our other child started piano, but she didn’t really ‘love’ it like the other child, so we stopped the lessons. (And saved the expense).

Now some would say that piano lessons are an investment, and I AGREE – if the child enjoys it.

Now that we have this great resource for free, the younger child can play with it at her own pace, if she wants to, at no expense to us.

I have reviewed the page and I am impressed.  You also have the option to purchase the sheets that can be used with each lesson, but it is not mandatory.   For someone that may be a visual learner, this could be a great way to get some musical discipline.

NOTE: If the page prompts you to ‘sign up’, you will see a little link ‘view as guest’.  Clicking that link will give you full access to all the videos.

Happy Homeschooling !

(This link will also be added to our Helpful Links page of Learning resources)

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