More High School Info…

We are about to wind down this year of school and all that is on my mind is preparing for high school for my oldest.

Spending the last 2 years attending conferences, reading blogs and getting together with other mom’s who have gone through the high school years has really helped.   It has allowed me to collect all the data into a full page so that other people can take advantage of the information too.


Of course it is never complete !!  I just found another sheet of information to add to the page.  This information comes from a good friend of mine that has put one child through college, and has a second near the end of the high school years.

If you are about to head into those high school years, best of luck to you and your student.

New Info added to the page:

  • Ontario Curriculum guidelines  – Use the codes from the guideline for your transcripts
    (if you are outside of Ontario – you can find your provinces guidelines on the Ministry of Education web site)
  • when creating course titles on a transcript, put the title of the book used, as it is sometimes recognized.
  • keep track of all volunteer hours
  • copy all certificates and diplomas for transcript portfolio
  • University application is due by November
  • College application is due by February




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