New Year for School

Today marks the first day back to school here in Canada.   The buses are running, and so are the parents.  Alarm clocks, excited kids to see their friends, rushed breakfasts, “make sure you have your lunch in your bag…”    These are some of the things that we don’t miss.

In our house we generally are up by 7 each morning.  Admittedly I still need to have an alarm go off so I don’t sleep in. (I do love my sleep).

On a regular school day, we would get up and do chores (lots of animals to feed) and then eat breakfast.  When complete we would dive into a daily regime of ‘lessons’ in a variety of subjects.  Math, literature, history, geography, latin, french, science, and so much more.

Today, however, is different. We have an annual tradition in our homeschool community and the weather is beautiful and warm today for it.  While other kids are sitting in a classroom, the homeschool kids meet up at their outdoor classroom – a local park.

We call it the NOT-GOING-BACK-TO-SCHOOL picnic.  It helps to launch the year by allowing the kids and parents to meet up, share summer stories and discuss what curriculum’s they will be using this year.  This is our social time.  It is a time for parents to plan group gatherings for the upcoming school year, and introduce new parents to all the events that happen in our group.  Just like the school kids, our kids get to re-connect with old friends and make new friends.

This day also helps us moms (and dads) ease into our school regimes over one more day.


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