A Busy Start

WOW !   Almost done the first month of the year and I feel like I have been GO-GO-Going.

School has been going smoothly for the most part.  It is all the activities that we are now doing that seem to be slowing it down. And I LAUGH when people ask “What about socialization?”.

We have selected new nicknames for the kids so I can actually type a ‘name’ when creating our posts.   So we now have horse-girl and dancer.  For our family, I am pretty sure you can tell who is who by those names.

I sometimes wonder how we fit it all in.  This years schedule looks like this:


Daily classes in Math, Latin, Copywork/Penmanship, French, Poetry and Piano.
Additional classes spread through out the week in Bible, Art, History/Biography, Science/Natural History, Literature, Shakespeare, Plutarch, Geography – World, Geography – Canada, and extra Canada Studies.
Lessons in Piano once a week, and Horse Back riding lessons weekly.
Horse-girl has decided she wants to start showing, so she will soon start riding lessons twice a week, with 5 shows between May and August.
And there are the Piano competitions too !


Daily classes in Phonic work, Copywork/Penmanship, Reading practice, Math and French.
Additional classes spread through out the week in Bible, Art, History/Biography, Science/Natural History, Literature, Shakespeare, Geography – World, Geography – Canada, and extra Canada Studies.
Lessons in Jazz, Ballet, Tap and HipHop happen two nights a week.
Dancer’s goal is to be invited to join the Performance group for next season, so she is working hard on her focus in classes.

In addition we have ice skating on Monday’s and Friday’s, which we have decided to cut back to once every two weeks, to allow us the time to actually get our school work done.  And on Tuesday nights is Youth group night.

Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5
AM School School Riding School School
PM Skating Book Club (1xMth) School Piano Skating
Youth Group Dance Dance

I am always amazed at how families with more than two children can manage everything.

That is just the kids schedules.  I have to plan my schedule around them, which usually results in me doing stuff after everyone goes to bed.

I have helped to start up a Canadian Homeschool Purchase Group on facebook to create a spot for Canadians to get on-line curriculum and other web site subscriptions at better prices in canadian funds.   This has been a busy task, but worth it.

On my upcoming list is also:

  • Zacada Circus School field trip (we have almost 100 kids signed up for that one over two days)
  • Tree Tekking in Horseshoe Valley  (and possibly one in Holiday Valley in the states)
  • Orienteering in Balls Falls (assisting another mom with this one)
  • Spring Hiking program – we are going to hike two different trails a week in the Niagara Region (niagara parks and Bruce trails)

AND – the biggest endeavour on my plate this year – my hubby and I are going to celebrate 17 years of marriage on August 29th, and will be participating in MUD HERO in North Toronto. So hubby and I are starting to get into better shape.  It has been 11 years for both of us since we ‘retired’ from the army.

“6KM, 16+Obstacles, 10,000 watt after-party – Mud Hero Ontario takes place at the gorgeous Albion Hills Conservation Area, only 50 minutes outside of Toronto. It is the perfect Mud Hero venue with a wild mix of amazing trails, water, rolling terrain and on-site camping. Mud Hero is one of the leading obstacle series in North America and continues to make a giant splash at Albion Hills!”

That will be one fun and busy weekend, as Horse-girl has her final show the day after!  So we will have to prepare her and us on the day before, then get back to town and to bed so we can get up early for the show on the 30th.  I KNOW we will be sore, but it is how the cards fall, and we are going to get it done.

This will also be a fund raiser for us to help raise funds for the Non-profit organization Open Arms Mission.

Again I say WOW.  This doesn’t even include hubby’s schedule.

So you will pardon me again this year if I don’t get to ‘blogging’ very much.


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