End of another year – Re-evaluate Priorities

It is with mixed emotions that we are ending another year in our household.   The kids don’t seem to be phased by it too much.  Hubby has some goals he is setting for the new year, and I am set on getting some stuff done this year.

As for homeschooling, we are still going strong.  The kids still have no desire to go to school, and still insist they want to be homeschooled all the way through high school too.

Things got a little out of control near the end of this year.   I was feeling a little worn out so we took most of December off for school.  With all the stuff we do cover in our school year, I don’t have any bad feelings about this.  If we get back on our regular schedule in January, we will still finish all that is planned by the end of May, so a few weeks off just help us to clear our minds and re-focus.

I felt as though I have so much on my plate, that I have been getting easily side tracked from our daily school schedule. For teachers in a school, it is easier to focus because that is all they go to work for – to teach. However with homeschooling we get LIFE involved into everything we do and distractions are so easy. I thought that having both myself and my husband home during the day would make things easier, but I find having the principal around is actually a distraction. So he is still ‘kicked out’ during the day.  As for December, with taking the last few weeks off, I have come to terms that I need to re-prioritize my life.

My first goal is to get done all the nasty tasks that I kept procrastinating on all year, and get them done in the next 4 days.   Clean and convert the attic into a LEGO room (which means boxing up all the other toys, donating some to others, and getting all the LEGO out of the bedrooms).  Also need to clean up an area to set-up my treadmill.  It is time to start working on my health. With these main items done, come Monday-the first day of school in the new year, I can focus on our school day as the kids need me to do.

With DD12 coming to the end of her 7th year of education, I realize I need to help her set her own priorities.  To teach her how to manage her time on things that will mean more to her.  Possibly to even get started on planning her own school schedule.

As for DD9, our #1 focus is still on reading. She has come a long way since September already. I am so happy to have found the programs that are helping her.  Readingeggs.com, Raz-kids.com, Spelling-You-See, Explode the Code, McGuffy Readers, and some small reading apps on the iPad. It may seem like a lot, but DD9 is a very visually enticed learner, and I have to keep her excited, and not get too redundant and boring. She can focus – when it comes to music and dancing!   I feel that that is where her future is taking her.   She is great at math, loves science, and enjoys the history readings (amblesideonline.org).   Writing is another area of weakness but even that is improving.  She prefers cursive writing to manuscript so we have begun to use the Pentime cursive books.  Even DD12 is using the higher level ones to improve her cursive.

Then there is FOOD! Although I am a melancholy personality, and I LOVE details and organization, when it comes to planning meals I am the worst.  I can never think of what to plan out for each day, let alone a week or month in advance.   Hubby and I have gotten into a very bad habit of eating what we are “in the mood for”.   And our kids are very plain about their food too. So to find a variety of recipes that don’t require me cooking one meal for hubby and me, and another for them, is my challenge.   So this year – the kids are going to play a bigger role in the planning AND cooking.

So that is that. Time to re-evaluate. Thankfully our school agenda is all done and doesn’t require any more planning.

PS – I have also realized with typing up this entry, that I am one of the people who learned typing on a typewriter, and I still use the “2 space” rule after a period. It is just a habit of 24 years – to push the space bar twice after a period.  LOL.

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