Summer School Trip – OFF THE GRID 2014

Last summer we went off the grid and did some deep woods camping.   This summer we are going off the grid, but staying in more luxurious accommodations in Florida.   We are turning off our cell phones. This is going to be a really weird thing for me, but much cheaper than paying for huge roaming packages that we won’t really even use. We will have our tablets, but will strictly be on a WIFI only access. There are phones at the resorts and hotels, so if anyone needs to reach us, they can call and leave a message. Right? I mean, people used to travel all the time before cell phones. I can do this. “I think I can, I think I can”.

For anyone that knows me, I can be the worlds best procrastinator.  I feel like I have gotten nothing done. Between preparing all our school schedules before we leave (so I don’t have to do any of it when we return), cleaning house, and making sure we have all our reservations in order, I feel like I am already going crazy.    But in reality, the hotels are all booked, the animals are all planned for (Two Gerbils, Two Guinea Pigs, Two Cats and Two Flemish Giant Rabbits), and the house is being taken care of.   It is just the basics that need to be taken care of like clothes and hygiene.    But it doesn’t stop that small feeling that I am forgetting to do something.

Since we are driving to every location on this trip, we are packing very lightly. Away for 2 weeks, but only packing 3 days of clothes. Crazy isn’t it? Well, to ease anyone’s mind – there is a washer and dryer in our condo, so we will be able to do a small load of wash every 3rd day. Why bother loading the car up !  This will leave more room for souvenirs.

The excitement is rising in the house.  DD9 has been updating our white board with how many ‘sleeps’ we still have.   Our itinerary is packed, but relaxed. And everything can still have some “SCHOOL” attached to it. It makes up for the few field trips we do through out the school year.   With the new CF Appreciation (Canadian Forces) program, both my husband and I have received our cards and have found some rates that help us plan out this whole trip.  Including one great find –  KIDS EAT FREE card.   My hubby and I can go with small amounts of food, but the kids – they really must have a hollow leg.  This card will definately help out.

This is our schedule once we arrive at our first destination:

Day 1 –HISTORY/SCIENCE/PHYS ED – Washington, DC – smithsonian museum (air and space) and walk the National Mall strip

Day 2 – SCIENCE/PHYS ED – Daytona Beach – play in the ocean

Day 3 –  ECONOMICS – Kissimmee – Downtown Disney (aka shopping)

Day 4-11 – check in to resort and take each day as it comes.  No set schedule, as long as we get to it by the end of the week.
     LITERATURE – Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter (read all 7 books, now get to live them) And of course we have Seuss Landing to have fun with Dr. Seuss creations.  And Poseidon’s and Sinbad’s story too in the Lost Continent!
     SCIENCE/HISTORY – Jurassic Park – We will get to see a ‘live’ Triceratops in the Dinosaur area, her name was Sarah the last time I was there !
    ART – Toon Town – Study animation with Popeye the sailor and other Saturday morning cartoons (my favourite is Annie).  And don’t forget the Canadian Mountie Dudley Do-right.  And of course the Marvel Comics.
    FILM/ARCHITECTURE – At the original Universal Studios park.
    PHYSICAL EDUCATION – And we can’t forget gym class – LOTS of walking !!!  DD12 and DD9 are both too big for the stroller this time.   We haven’t yet decided whether to do Typhoon Lagoon for water survival skills, or Wet ‘N’ Wild.   That will be a spur of the moment decision.

Day 12 – rest – driving.

Day 13 – FAITH, HISTORY, ANIMAL STUDIES – Creation Museum.   May even throw in some Phys Ed and do some Zip Lining.

Day 14 – HOME !

 Like I said, packed but relaxed.  There will be no rushing around.   Each stretch of driving has been planned at no more than 7 hrs, so we have lots of time to get to the next destination.   The GPS has been set to notify us automatically as we approach any “Tourist attractions”.  This way, I don’t have to research and plan using google maps.  We can let the GPS tell us, then decide if we want to check it out.   It’s going to be FUN !

Well, I better get back to it.    Let the packing begin !


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