Summer Schooling and other adventures – 2014


After reading many articles on the ramifications ‘summer holidays’ have on kid’s learning, we choose to continue schooling throughout the summer.   We also choose to continue schooling in the summer because throughout the school year, we take it a little easier. We practically do nothing in December with all the fun Christmas things we can do.  Valentine week is usually pretty slow.  Halloween week.  March break – sometimes lasts a month.    HOWEVER, with all that we do, the kids do more in a year than they would in a typical school environment.  This past year we had 5 weeks of renovations, with a deadline to get it all done.  I wasn’t getting much schooling done during that time.

For our summer schedule the kids each have their own list.  They both can complete it all in an hour.  So right after breakfast, get it all done and the rest of the day is theirs!  Most of the neighbourhood kids aren’t even up yet.

DD9 – Math, Penmanship, Explode the code, Spelling you see, Reading and French.

DD11 – Math, Penmanship, Latin, French, Story of the World I (history), and Zoology 2.


Evening primrose 002

We have been watching the garden we started last year as a Botany lesson, bloom with many plants.  Some of which we have no idea where the plants came from.  One such plant is this Evening Primrose.   During the day it looked like the flowers were all dying, but one night DD11 came in the house and said they were opening up.   We looked up evening flowers, and TADA – found what it was.   We never planted this one, and it is growing in the area of the garden where we sprinkled a butterfly seed mix.  It is the only one in the whole garden.



DD11 - first time sketching a wolf

DD11 – first time sketching a wolf


We were totally impressed when DD11 sat down, using a photo of a wolf on her tablet, and sketched this picture in about 15 minutes.  I was about the same age when I drew my first cat, but I don’t think it was as good as this.





woodpecker 003  We have been blessed to be able to watch this beautiful woodpecker return daily to the feeder.   A couple of times our cats have jumped into  the window with so much excitement, only to smack their faces “BONK” into the glass.




Snapping Turtle  Turtle 007We rescued a small Snapper from a busy road, and relocated him/her to the canal in our area.  Unlike most snappers, this guy was very friendly and fast.  He/she didn’t hiss or snap at us.  I think it was still so young that it didn’t know to be afraid.  He/she stopped and looked up at me, posing for the camera !  When put down next to the canal, the turtle ran for the water !




wet cats 002

And our most recent adventure – giving the cats baths.   It is officially FLEA season here in Ontario, and although our cats are indoor cats, the fleas have made their travels on us humans.  I had one hop on my foot last week in my garden !!    SO – when I picked off a very large flea from behind Fluffy’s ear, both cats went in the bath.   DD9 is a magnet for fleas – they LOVE to bite her legs.  Last summer on one day (1 day) I had to put 26 band-aids on her legs to stop her from scratching.    So this is a picture of our wet ‘rats’ (cats).



And our summer adventures continue.  We have 38 more days till our adventure takes on a road trip to Florida, by way of the Smithsonian in Washington DC.  Homeschooling on the road.   This will of course be the two weeks that the kids won’t need to do their daily school work.  And rightly so, as we will be living the learning !

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling.







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