End of 2nd term…

We are almost at the end of our 2nd term (24 weeks). Next week is our “March break”. It is a little difficult for me to actually do this week, since I have been in a position of being unable to do much school with them, due to an injury. HOWEVER – I am really eager to use the week to get a LOT of cleaning, de-cluttering and renovating done. And that out weighs the school stuff right now.

We are eagerly awaiting the launch of Spelling You See this month. It looks like it will be a major success with our youngest. I hope it captures her attention as it appears to have done with the many children in the pilot program.

Well, just a quick post and away we go to another “social” event. And people wonder why I get frustrated when asked “What about their social …?” My question back “When do I have time for school ?” HA.

Happy Homeschooling and a Safe March Break to everyone.

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