Schedules and Caos = Beauty

Have you ever had the feeling that you just will never get back on schedule?
And then one week, you just find yourself all caught up?
What a relief.

This past week was such a week.   Since before christmas, we have been pushing through, trying to get caught up to our current week of our school schedule.  I kept seeing school in July.  This week however, we were really busy but somehow managed to complete the week as planned and be all caught up on our readings.  How?  I have no idea.   Maybe it was from skipping the social event on Friday.

Monday was skating.  Tuesday was horse back riding lessons.  Wednesday was a Snow blizzard day.   Usually I don’t let “snow” interfere with our days.  We are home everyday, no matter the weather, and no travelling required to get to “school”.   This snow day had dear dad home all day though, so no school work could be focused on.   Thursday was our monthly Mad Science day, so only had the afternoon to do school work.  That left Friday to get everything done.  Surprising dd11 dove right in and completed everything.  Dd8 completed everything she could do on her own, and together we completed most of her readings.

They even found time to pull out their sketch books.  I am so impressed with the talent they possess.

Butterfly on flower

Butterfly on flower

Monarch Butterfly in spring

Monarch Butterfly in spring


Now I have the goal to stay on track, and attempt to keep each week’s schedule up to date.

Happy Homeschooling !


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One Response to Schedules and Caos = Beauty

  1. I love the pictures, you will be framing these of course 🙂

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