Great Snowy Owl

In the past 9 years that we have lived in this part of Niagara Canada, we have not seen as much snow as we have been getting this year.  I personally LOVE it.   The snow that is, but not the cold.  I can do without cold.

Fortunate for us, with the snow came the migration of the Snowy Owl.   There has been sightings in St.Catharines, and we have been lucky to watch an adult Female hunting in our neighbourhood Walmart parking lot here in Welland.   She sits for hours on the tops of the light posts.    Today marks the tenth time we have seen her since the beginning of December.    It has been sad to know that most people are driving in and out of the plaza area, and they don’t even notice this beautiful bird watching them scurry along in their daily “Busy” routines, with no time to stop and enjoy her beauty.

Today we saw her sitting on one of the light posts in front of the Rona store at 11am.   I was upset because I had just purchased batteries for my camera, but had forgotten to take the camera out with us.   So at 2pm, when I had to run out to pick something up, I grabbed the camera – hoping she may still be somewhere in the parking lot.  I GOT LUCKY !  She was on the exact same light post still – 4 hours later.    And this time I had my camera.      Enjoy these pictures of this beautiful bird.

SnowyOwl-Jan31-2014 (3) SnowyOwl-Jan31-2014 (7) SnowyOwl-Jan31-2014 (11) SnowyOwl-Jan31-2014 (14)

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