Sick Days, Snow Days…

There is one thing about homeschooling I am sure my kids don’t like.  There aren’t too many sick days, and it can snow all it wants.

The kids try to say it isn’t fair, when the normal school kids are out in the snow while they do their work.  However I remind them that every other day, while those kids are in school all day, and we have finished all our work by noon, that we get to play in the snow all afternoon if we chose to.  Everyday can be a school and snow day for us.

As for sick days, I may let them go a little on their work. As most of it is reading though, reading can be done while lying on the couch or in bed.

This past week I was sick, in bed, for 6 days. They tried to get out of school. Lucky for them 80% of their work can be done with little to no help from me!

I remember I used to live for snow days, or look forward to doing nothing but watching tv in bed on sick days. But that was because I was stuck in a building all day long, sitting at a desk, looking straight ahead as the teacher drones on about a subject I was forced to learn.  I didn’t have a choice. It was what the government / society said I had to do.

My children don’t realize, yet, how lucky they are. Yes they have to learn their lessons, but in the learning style they are conducive too. And if one way doesn’t work, then we can try another, instead of working as though we have to get the round peg in that darn square hole.

Our children aren’t all round pegs. They are all wonderfully shaped in their own molds by God, and it is our duty as parents to adapt and learn with them, to help God continue to grow on that shape, molding them into hungry students of life.

Well, I’m off to work on mold dd8 and read some great books.

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