OFF GRID – no power, no technology – just good ol’ nature and us – DAY 5

This past week was our Family Camping trip.  Tent, cook stove, sleeping bags, and non-perishable food items (non refrigerated).  That meant NO electricity, NO computers, NO phones (except for camera use only), NO movies/tv, NO radio.   Continued from Day 4.


It POURED rain for most of the night.  We were so thankful we had packed up most of the stuff on Thursday night.    Once the rain stopped (around 8 am), we got up, cooked the last of the pancake mix up, and started to pack up the last of the cookware and sleeping gear.   The kids spent most of the time visiting the new friends across the way, which was a great way to keep them out of the way.  🙂

The last challenge was to get the canoe back onto the car.   With the paddles, life jackets, dining tent and sleeping tent, camp chairs, sleeping bags and beach shade tent all packed and secured inside the canoe, we lifted that thing up onto the car.   By this time the new neighbours had departed for their day of adventures, so no chance to ask for some help.  No worries.   We got it on before, we can do it again.   And we did.

With everything packed we headed into Picton one last time.   Had to refuel the car, and use up the Tim’s card we had.  Then it was back on the road to home…where our comfortable beds, showers, refrigerated foods, and electricity… awaited us.     Don’t get me wrong.  I could survive if we lost power.   I know how to rough it, and I am thankful for the military training both hubby and I have.

BUT – having spent 4 nights on an air mattress on the ground gives you a different appreciation for the comforts that so many of us take advantage of.

I can only hope that when it comes to the homeschool community at large, I am just preaching to the choir… or am I?   Could you survive without the comforts of technology?  Do your children know how to survive without them?

Hope you enjoyed our little adventure.


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2 Responses to OFF GRID – no power, no technology – just good ol’ nature and us – DAY 5

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  2. trinitydaks says:

    OH – Forgot to mention one of the more funnier moments… On the way home, Toronto was getting such a down pour of rain, that the water was running along the cargo strap that was securing the canoe to the roof, into the car -dripping on me and hubby. Drove for almost an hour holding up empty tim horton cups to catch the drips… My cup was half full by the time we cleared burlington and was on QEW Niagara – clear sun the rest of the way home… LOL.

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