OFF GRID – no power, no technology – just good ol’ nature and us – DAY 3

This past week was our Family Camping trip.  Tent, cook stove, sleeping bags, and non-perishable food items (non refrigerated).  That meant NO electricity, NO computers, NO phones (except for camera use only), NO movies/tv, NO radio.   Continued from Day 2.

DAY 3 Wednesday

One of the things I LOVE about camping – go to bed with, and rise with, the sun.   We were up early again today.   Although DD10 and DD8 had no problems sleeping on their air mattresses, dear hubby and I were on the ground (again).    The kids and I went for a walk down to the beach while dear hubby tried to find and patch holes (again).

Today the weather was stating thunder storms (as it did all week), but the day ended up being absolutely beautiful.    Once the patches were on, dear hubby joined us on the beach.   With the exception of lunch, we spent the entire day on the beach.

Sandbanks is located at part of the most eastern end of Lake Ontario, but for those that live on Lake Ontario in the area from Niagara to Toronto, you would not believe it.   The most winning feature of this particular beach is the sand bars.   A person can walk out into the lake for a very long distance, and still be walking on the bottom.   There is no fear here of children getting over their heads before you can see.   They would have to walk a long way out.  (And any child that did make it to that depth, the parents …. well I won’t get into that topic here).

After several slatherings of sunscreen on the kids, a walk up the beach and back again, and may sand castles later, it was time to head back to the camp site for dinner.  That is when we came to the conclusion that an air mattress can only be patched so many times before you just have to admit – it is toast.   So the air mattress we were on became a protective covering over the fire wood (in case of rain).   We ended the day with another trip into Picton.  Our purpose this time – an air mattress for mom and an air mattress for dad, and another can of bug spray.   After this beautiful day, enough moisture was evaporated that the mosquitoes were out in full force, and we had already used up the cans we arrived with.    We also decided to treat the kids to our one-night-a-week pizza night.

Ended day 3 sitting in the tent eating pizza and reading another chapter of our book.

HOWEVER – it wasn’t the end of the day for good ol’ mom.   I got to have creature experience #4.  Raccoons.   If the critters had not have knocked over a cup of water of the picnic table, I probably would not have heard them.  They crawled under the edges of the dining tent.   They made off with a ziploc bag with cookies and granola bars in it, and another ziploc bag with a nut mixture in it.  This was around 1 am.   I got up and cleaned up anything else that was forgotten out.  Why I went to bed without checking in the first place, I cannot say.   I heard them come back and roam around the tent a few more times, and then at 5 am – POP – I heard them pry open the cooler.   I jumped up and made such a commotion opening the tent that I scared them all up the trees around me.   Grabbing the car keys, I put the cooler in the car.    I watched as the ‘coons scampered down the trees and into the woods, barking at me.    Lesson learned – for me at least.


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