OFF GRID – no power, no technology – just good ol’ nature and us – DAY 2

This past week was our Family Camping trip.  Tent, cook stove, sleeping bags, and non-perishable food items (non refrigerated).  That meant NO electricity, NO computers, NO phones (except for camera use only), NO movies/tv, NO radio.   Continued  from Day 1.

DAY 2- Tuesday

After listening to the beautiful sounds of rain on the tent most of the night, we got an early start with the sun.   Pancakes!!!  The easiest thing to make while camping.  This day was going to prove the most active out of the whole week.

We took an early morning trip into Picton to pick up a few things that we just could not fit in the car.  Wash basin to do dishes, juice jug, and of course chocolate and graham crackers for smores.

On our way back to the camp ground we came across creature experience #2 – American Bald Eagles.  Their nest was perched on top of some hydro/telephone poles leading up to a house.   One eagle was in the nest as I approached.  Unfortunately, it was about this time that I wished I still had a really great camera – BUT – the camera on my phone was going to have to suffice.   As I snapped a few shots of the eagle in the nest, it began to call out.  From behind me, hubby said “LOOK”. As I turned to the right, I saw the mate approaching with something hanging.   Below are the two shots as it made final approach to the nest.  It was amazing to watch as it got above the nest, then hovered and slowly descended into the nest, ensuring its prey was deposited properly.  After reviewing the quick snap photos I had taken (a constant shutter speed to take many photos at once, continuously), I came to the conclusion that the prey was a rabbit.   DD8 and DD10 were thrilled to have been able to stop by the side of the road and watch these beautiful birds.    We are so glad to see them making a come back here in Canada.  (I know of one mated pair in the Port Colborne area of Niagara, but have not had the benefit of seeing that pair – yet).

2013-07-02 10.27.09-1

American Bald Eagle on approach to nest with lunch

  2013-07-02 10.27.39

Once we returned to camp, we made lunch and then set out on the outlet river with the canoe.  This area has become a beautiful marsh area. There were many water lilies, reeds, lily pads, cat-tails, and dragonflies.  Creature experience #3:  At one point they saw 3 or 4 turles sitting on a piece of driftwood.   We tried to get close enough for a picture, but those turles are quick, and they slipped right into the water before I could “click”.     

2013-07-02 14.00.26-1    2013-07-02 13.59.47-2

Upon returning the canoe to the camp site, we ventured out once again to walk the Cedar Sands Trail.   As we walked along the trail, at the look-out points, we were able to look out over the outlet river that we had just canoed.    As per the trail marker map:

This two-kilometre trail meanders through a forested section of the baymouth bar that separates East Lake from Lake Ontario.  It winds through rolling sand dunes, created thousands of years ago, and along the Outlet River and marsh.  Lookouts offer close-up views of the marsh and occasional glimpses at wildlife.  Staircases, boardwalks and beaches are provided en route……  The trail is looped, and hikers must retrace their steps to this entrance.”2013-07-02 14.34.04

It is beautiful.  However we did not retrace our steps.  We wandered from path on a side path, which brought us out onto the main road and the camp store.  From there we went straight onto the beach, and made our way to the end, then up to our camp site.   Close the night out with a camp fire, smores, and another chapter from our book.

2013-07-02 14.45.09

Cedar Trail Path

2013-07-02 15.00.15

View from Cedar Trail path, looking at Outlet River/Marsh


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