OFF GRID – no power, no technology – just good ol’ nature and us – DAY 1

This past week was our Family Camping trip.  Tent, cook stove, sleeping bags, and non-perishable food items (non refrigerated).  That meant NO electricity, NO computers, NO phones (except for camera use only), NO movies/tv, NO radio.   Just us and nature.  DD10 packed 5 books to read this week, and read them all too, I think.

Dear hubby was determined to bring the canoe with us, and as the van is on its last leg, we had to load up the car.  That was an adventure on its own.   Below is a view from the passenger seat, through the front windshield, with the canoe on the roof.   We secured the life jackets, paddles and a bag with the tent and sleeping bags inside, into the ends of the canoe (you can see the paddles in this picture).
2013-07-01 16.27.14

From where we live it was almost 4 hours to the park.  Sandbanks Provincial Park in Picton, ON.    2.5 miles of white sandy beach.  LOTS of camp spots to choose from (some even have electricity for those that can’t go without).    This is a park that my father took us to for many repeat summers, and so this year began the tradition with our own children.   Upon arrival the adventures began.

2013-07-01 18.48.39      2013-07-02 10.32.48

DAY 1- Monday

We arrived at the camp site with only a few hours to setup the tents.  My father loaned us a dining tent (that was at least 30 years old) – canvas and old poles that rust over time.   After the tent was up (a newer “pop-up” version), I began to layout the dining tent poles, trying to remember back to my childhood as to HOW to put it together.   After an hour, the dining tent was up, although the poles had rusted out in some areas.  I was glad at that point that dear hubby carries so many tools around with him, everywhere he goes.  With a handy pair of pliers, he was able to re-construct the rusted ends of some poles so that they could go together.    With the tents up, we began to move the picnic table into the dining tent.   WOW.   With the ‘growing’ times, these tables have gotten a lot bigger.  We used to be able to move around in the dining tent, all around the table.  This particular table reached from one wall to the other.

2013-07-04 14.57.49

Roughing it in the great outdoors

Okay. So we were all setup.  Time to go for a walk and get a bearing on our surrounding.  Where the camp toilets are (port-a-potty), where the water pump was, and where the “Comfort station” was.   YES – for those of you that absolutely require running water, there are comfort stations with showers, sinks and running water toilets.  There is even a new addition to the stations since I last camped there – Washing machines and Dryers.   After it got dark, we started back to camp.   Our first creature experience for the week – Fireflies.   On the first attempt, both dd8 and dd10 caught a firefly to take back to camp.  Personally I had seen them at night as they glowed, but I had never seen one by light.  Below is an image of a firefly.   Once they released the bugs, it was time for a chapter of our favourite book, and then off to sleep.

2013-07-01 21.41.03

Firefly by flashlight


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