Bug inspection

Since I was a little girl, I used to collect the shells from cicada (we say zicada) bugs after they shed, as they hung on the side of trees.   We used to keep them in the old film canisters to ensure they wouldn’t get crushed.   Now my own kids collect them.  Unfortunately we don’t have any old film canisters to store them in, so they sit on our book shelves.

We have never actually seen a zicada bug, but we hear them in the tree tops during the summer.  The hotter the day, the longer the buzzzzzzzzzzzz.

We have now added to our knowledge the ‘before’ life of a cicada.   While we were preparing the front garden for the new plants, I thought I had unearthed a grub.  I picked it up and took it as far away from the garden as possible.  The girls and I were watching it crawling on the pavement, and we noticed something peculiar.  This ‘grub’ looked like a worm, but had six (6) legs only at the front part, just behind the head.  This was not the ‘grub’ I thought it was.  (the kind that dig under your yard, leaving bare and dead grass patches everywhere).

Cicada Larvae

So we looked it up.  That is when we found out it was the larvae of one of our favourite bugs.    After some further reading we learned that they can live for many years under ground before emerging as the flying creatures we collect the shells from.   So we placed him in our back garden, and watched as he dug himself back into the ground.

Cicada Larvae

Not sure if we will still be living in this house when it emerges, but we will still enjoy all the buzzing indicators of a hot summer from its pals.




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