Front Garden Pests…

It has been two days since we planted our beautiful front garden.

Today we had to do some extra work.  Apparently squirrels like carnations.  They chewed all five plants down to about 2 inches of height.   All we can say is   ARRGHHH. 

On suggestions from a neighbour, and some fellow homeschool moms, we have planted Marigolds within the carnations. (Supposedly squirrels don’t like them.  Not too sure how it will look yet, but we will see.)  We also sprinkled chilli powder on all the plants.

I hope these ‘tricks’ work.

(Below is a picture of the all-chewed up carnation.  It used to be so lush.)

2013-04-30 12.47.27

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2 Responses to Front Garden Pests…

  1. ground hogs and possums sounds like fun to me, where do you live

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