Botany on a Saturday

The soil has been dug, and the girls got some small plants. They weren’t the ones on our list for a ‘butterfly’ garden, but we hope they will be just as beautiful. (On a very limited budget for this project, BUT we already had one small white butterfly flitting about the plants before they were put in the ground, so here is hoping).

The girls got right into the dirt, digging their holes and putting their plants in. DD10 did Carnations, and Black-eyed susans. DD7 put in two other types, but I don’t remember what they were called.  There are a couple of lilies, and we are putting a raspberry and blueberry plant somewhere in there too.    Oh, and some Bleeding-Hearts have been put next to the Lilac Tree.

DD10 planting carnations

DD10 Planting Carnations

DD7 digging holes for her plants…

We are going to try to take some weekly, or bi-weekly photos from above to document the progress of growth.  So here is hoping and praying it all grows well.   Everything is a perennial, so we will be praying it all roots well this summer.

The center “Y” shape will be our path.  The girls are going to make their own garden stones from quick-cement.  The upper left corner (in picture) is spread with a can of mixed wildflowers for hummingbirds.  Next to that is the Bleeding-hearts, then the Lilac tree in the upper right corner.    Coming down the right side (below the lilac), there are 3 plants along the path that will grow up 3′, then there are two smaller plants infront that will be 18″.  Next is a circular image in the dirt – this is the water well around the Raspberry bush.  (You can’t see the actual plant from this angle).

Day 1 - New Front Garden

Day 1 – New Front Garden

In the Lower right corner, there will be a bench, so we can sit an watch the “critters” flit in and out of the garden area.   Hubby added the white lattice along the back as a backdrop.  It looks really nice.  Just infront of the lattice, behind where the bench will sit, I have planted a 2-3′ row of corn.  Hubby wasn’t impressed with this idea, but it is the ONLY part of all our yard(s) that gets full sun, and anyways, this is a HOMESCHOOL garden.  Who cares if there is some fresh corn !!!     And Lastly, in the lower left corner, we have a blueberry bush in the corner, with a lily plant on either side. (The one on the right will grow up to 3′, while the one by the deck will only be up to 18″).  Directly in front of the blueberry bush is the Black-eyed Susan’s.   And the five (5) green tufts in front of those are the carnations.  Red, yellow, white, mini-red, and mini-pink.

The very last item to add to all of this – the white picket fence running along the pathway on the right, along the front by the sidewalk, and down the left sidewalk, with a small gate.  This may be the last bit that will take the longest – just have to find the wood.  Once it is up, the kids will be white-washing it, just like the olden days.  FUN!

Well,  Keep checking back as we post our updates each week, or bi-weekly !


(Now to get the vegetable seeds into the back garden!)

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