Burn out? Not this Time…

We are coming to the end of another year.

Last year we started using a curriculum for our first year of homeschooling, thinking that having a schedule of predetermined things to do was what we needed.  It was a great curriculum, but with the amount of time I had to use it reading to the girls, and the girls losing interest so quickly, it just wasn’t working for us.  I felt like I was falling behind. Like I had to catch up. 
I burnt out by the end of April, and we took on a 4 month unschooling approach.

Now with our second year almost behind us, I think I’ve realized what learning styles my girls are. We’re going to continue using the Ambleside online curriculum based on Charlotte Mason’s teachings .  I make weekly schedules based on the AO weekly guides, and can simply move something that didn’t get done, forward into the next week.  No pressure.  We all enjoy reading the many different styles of books on this curriculum.  DD7 is really digital so using audio books has been my new found saving grace.  She won’t sit still for me to read a book (yet), but will sit still to listen to an audio.  So no point in getting frustrated myself; she still gets the books read to her.

I’ve also realized my girls really enjoy working in work books so we’re going to continue with the math-u-see and we have some other new things were venturing into for poetry and grammar.   Hands-on is majority of their learning style.  BUT – neither of them like using the computer.  For a computer tech mom, this is actually refreshing for me.

We will be continuing our schooling throughout the summer.  As they proved to me yesterday, they can get up early enough and get all the basics done before 9am.  So they will still have ‘summer’, but won’t ‘forget’ what they have learned over the break, and require a refresher in the fall. 

We have found our niche.  And they are more independent now.  But also inter-dependent.  They are learning to rely on each other.  Something I have noticed, that not enough siblings have together.

Happy homeschooling!


The not's prayer.

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