Days of Natural Science

This week started with amazing weather. So outside we have been venturing.

Yesterday we started planning and shaping our new garden in the front yard.  We have been contemplating putting in a driveway for years, but this year I decided to go ahead with a garden instead.  Our goal for this garden is to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  (if anyone has any suggestions for specific flowers- please comment below). 

So yesterday became a Botany day.


Garden planning

This is the current layout. Picture a bench in the upper right corner, and a lilac tree in the upper left corner.  The Y shape is going to be the path.

The next day we got all our essential school work done before going to our friend’s farm.  I was so proud of the girls for they had most of it done before I even came down stairs.

This particular day started with a particular propose. Our buck (male Flemish Giant Rabbit) had a date with three does.  DD7 sang “happy day – it’s Smokey breeding day”.  (The things kids say.)  Our doe keeps attacking him, so we have decided she will lead the spinster life. 

When we got out to the farm we were greeted with some chicks.  So adorable.


Baby chickens

These little guys hatched a day or two ago.  This one was one of our favourites with the black markings. 

Smokey’s ‘dates’ appeared to go well. Now we just have to wait 28 days to see how productive they were.

We were still at the farm when they had some new arrivals.  




We had never seen ducklings this close before. It was a lot of fun.

And to top the day off, DD10 came in with this amazing creature.

Gardener snakes amaze me. I had one as a pet when I was a little girl.

Overall we had a science filled day. I think Charlotte Mason would have approved.

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