Dollar Store Treasures

Although it is the end of a school year, it is amazing what they have at the dollar store.  It is the perfect time to re-supply and stock up.

With DD7 adventuring into grade 3 this year, these treasures couldn’t have shown themselves at a better time.



I have looked into making cards like these for the past two years.  After buying cardstock, typing them all up (of which I wouldn’t have thought of most of these words myself), and then printing them all and cutting them all…  It would have cost a lot more than $7.

Dear hubby is not too impressed with how the dining room looks now, but DD10 had a lot of fun sticking them up with me, and DD7 is looking at them a lot.  SO – they stay.  (He did point out that I missed two walls in a corner – I’ll have to find something to put there!)

DD10 did make a comment which made me instantly reply – “All spelling tests will be done in the living room !”   She just laughed, then said “You can take them down during the tests.”   YA RIGHT… not gonna happen.

Do you have any “Treasures” that you have found at the dollar store?
If so, what were they, and how did you use them to simplify your home?


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