Bunny Runs…

The weather is perfect in Welland,On.  It was time to put the rabbits back outside for the summer.
Last summer we just had two 4×4 cages with wire mesh on all 4 sides and the bottom. (Buttercup likes to dig)

This year we expanded the cage a bit. Put walls on 2 1/2 of the sides, leaving the front and 1/2 a side cage wire. Then added a fenced area off of the cages as a run.  Also added an enclosed area for them to hide in. Even a bunny likes privacy.

I am glad to see that they are both still using their litter boxes in the cages.  Last summer Buttercup refused to use it, so had to re-train her when colder weather came and they moved into their indoor cages.

Now we will see if bunnies grow like fish – to their surrounding enclosure. LOL.  They grew last summer, but stayed same size during winter.  With the running room, who knows how big they will get.  They are Flemish Giants after all.



We LOVE our rabbits.

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