School Work Storage

The weather is causing some sad emotions in our house this week.  We get a bright sunny period, then look out the window and see a snow squall.  Yuck…it’s April in Niagara – we need to start getting our gardens going.  We need April showers!

So we ventured into some craft projects.

As a homeschool mom, I don’t have the luxury of not having every piece of the kids school work staying with another teacher (at the school).  With just two kids, we have a lot of papers lying around. What do teachers with 25 students do with all the make-work projects they give their students?   And as a mom, how do you pick what to keep? 

After browsing many other homeschool blogs, we have decided to pick our favorite pieces of work to keep each year.  I’ll pick some, and the girls will pick some of their favourites.  Prior to highschool, there isn’t much that regular school students keep.  So besides hanging on to some extra works to prove we are actually doing something, this will be more of a memory box.

We had a stack of scrapbooking pages with month themes, so we pulled out the September ‘school’ pages, tore them into pieces, and did a collage on the box.


School memory box.

TA DA!  Our 2012-2013 school memory box.  Should be able to store a bit in this size box.   Next step – start looking back through everything since September. 


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One Response to School Work Storage

  1. Ann says:

    I only keep a very very few favourites and scan and save the rest and then I hang out with the shredder for a while!

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