Beware the ides of march? Nah !

March was a very busy month.  Although we are still on schedule with ‘school’, I think the warmer weather is slowly creeping in and causing some distractions with the girls.

Over the March break, one of our local movie theaters was hosting a movie madness of past movies that you could see for $2.  Although we had seen “Rise of the Guardians” already, we wanted to see it on the BIG screen.   I think it was the first time I had actually watched it from beginning to end.

On the Thursday of that week, we volunteered at “Agape Valley” Maple Bush.   While the girls got to spend the day down on ‘location’, helping daddy keep the fires stoked,  I was up in the dining hall.  I don’t think I ever cleaned up so much – ever.   The camp was offering an all day pancake meal for a small fee. (All money goes towards running bible camps all summer long – as they are a non-profit organization).   The day we volunteered was BUSY !   At one point, just as it seemed to ‘slow’ down, a bus of girls and boys arrived, and the ‘rush’ began again.  It was an awesome day and we all had a lot of fun.  My husband said that by the end of the day our oldest was providing information to the visitors too!

This past week, we had a “satelite” field trip to London, England.   The Cineplex theater in Niagara Falls was participating in a live satelite feed of the “Alice in Wonderland” Ballet.  As our youngest is an avid dancer in Jazz, Tapp and Ballet, this was not something we were going to miss.  It proved to be absolutely wonderful.   The music was perfect.  The costumes amazing.  The dancers – flawless.   Both of Lewis Carrols’ books are part of our reading schedule for next year, but after seeing the ballet, I think we are going to start reading them this summer.  Why wait !

2013-03-28 19.46.36

Last week we went to our weekly ice skating field trip, but there was only one other family there.  So the six of us had the whole rink to ourselves.   Everyone had a lot of fun.

2013-03-22 12.08.47-4

And to finish the month, with our celebrations for Easter, our beautiful rabbits were invited to participate at the city’s local Easter Egg Hunt.  I was a little nervous about it at first, but the rabbits loved the attention.  Whenever a child came to the cage, the rabbits came up to them for some rubs and scratches.  I loved the initial reactions from parents.    After seeing the display of reptiles up at the main activity area, when they saw the large cages down by the hunt location, I don’t think they expected to see two giant rabbits.    Our rabbits are Flemish Giants. (Also known as Gentle giants).    I was glad that dd10 wanted to print off some info sheets to hand out.  They were ALL gone half way through the second series of hunts, but they were enough to save my voice from disappearing.   (Picture below is of Buttercup)


This year we changed our easter traditions a little.   The girls came down to find a basket with some goodies in it, and a hoola hoop.   We do not go overboard on this particular holiday because they know the real reason behind the celebration.   After we got home from church, they played out front while I hid a bunch of plastic eggs in the backyard (where the easter bunny told me to).  After all the eggs were found, they had to open them all to find a clue.  This clue led them to one final treat – the large Kinder Egg surprise.    These large chocolate eggs with a large plastic egg inside have gotten so fun over the years.  Below is a picture of the two inch ‘puzzle’ that was in one of these plastic eggs.   I know the small kinder eggs are considered illegal in the states, but I wonder if these 5 inch plastic eggs are?   I doubt anyone can fit these ones in their mouth!   Anyways, we are lucky to be in Canada, so we can have both large and small.  Personally – I have been enjoying these mini toys since I was my kids age.

2013-03-31 12.46.46

2013-03-31 12.45.14


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