Imagination at play…

My office area became an operating room for webkinz today.  They got these ones from a fellow homeschooler who is (sadly) moving.
Even though they had some holes in them, the girls grabbed them because of the webkinz logo.  BUT – they don’t collect them to be on the computer.  I have a hard time getting them ON the computer.  They prefer to BE the animals and characters.  I love that dd10 and dd7 have such great imaginations, and prefer to play with real toys, rather than electronic games.  I am blessed.


It reminds me of a conversation I had with a co-worker where I used to work.  We were talking about how I had shut off our cable TV.  She was shocked (as most people are when they hear this). DD10 was only 4, and DD7 was 1.5.  I went on to say that my girls were learning how to use their imagination through hands-on activities.  My co-worker had commented how her kids were raised with hands-on activities, having been brought up in the Carnival life, and asked me “How do you teach imagination…” (Or something like that – it was a few years ago now.)

I explained to her that instead of playing on a computer game, and clicking the mouse button to make a horse ‘neigh’, or move, my girls had the horse in their hands and were making the noises themselves, and all the motions.  AND – because they didn’t have TV to give them their thoughts, they used what they learn from books to re-enact things.

It makes me sad these days when I see kids that do nothing but sit on video games when they are home.   They become zombies.  They have no imagination for ‘nice’ and ‘fun’ play when they do venture outside with other kids.  They just want to re-enact the games, or TV shows they drown their brains with.

A couple of years ago, the neighborhood (visiting family) kids (that watch TV) began to play a game outside and called it “Manhunter”.  At the time I wasn’t aware that there was a TV show being aired called by this name.  My girls were not impressed with the game and came and told me about it.  I was actually appalled.   These kids were attempting to re-enact the TV show – WITH actions and speach used in the show.  Having never seen the show, I can’t verify how much was accurate, but these kids were acting as if they were hunting to kill.  Needless to say, (and thankfully blessed), my girls recognized what wasn’t nice about it and chose to play something else, even if it meant playing alone in our own yard.

I have to point out that we do have a television unit, we simply use it to watch select movies.  We aren’t completely shut off from the world, and we do have the internet – where you can get most TV shows commercial free !!   “Commercial Free” being the key phrase.  Most people don’t realize how much money you can actually save by eliminating commercials from your viewing.  Food, Toys, etc… especially at Christmas.   How often have you heard in November, “I want…input commercial toy here“?   Our girls don’t know what is for sale unless we go into a store, and even then, because they don’t get the brainwashed hype being shown everyday, they usually walk right past what is the latest and greatest.

Well, the animals have all been sewn up, and are on their amazing voyages with the rest of the Webkinz crew upstairs.
And I think this is my longest post !!



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