Water park field trip

Today Breakfast Television is live from the Fallsview Waterpark in Niagara Falls.
They have opened up for free for school groups, (arrival at 7am), so they have the appearance of “full”.  The park doesn’t actually open until 10am.

We haven’t been up this early in a long time.  Dd10 was awake at 4am, calling out to me asking when we need to get up.  1 hour before alarm!   Needless to say, it was the earliest and easiest attempt to get them up.  Wish it was that easy every morning.  Think of all the school we could get done !

So, back to the waterpark.  We entered at 7am, and the kids were off and running. (well, walking fast – no running on the non-slip pool deck area – wink)

First they hit the wave pool.


Dd7 decided she wanted to hit the slides, leaving dd10 in the wave pool.


Dd10 eventually attacked the bigger slides.


But by 8am they were both back in the wave pool.  WOW – only been here an hour.   Good thing I have my ereader with me.



Oh my… we spent from 7am until 2pm at the water park.  We are all exhausted now.
We can now feel the level of chlorine that was in the air, settling on our eyes. (Sting).

It was a fun day.  The kids didn’t want to leave.
The next waterpark trip – the “World’s Largest Swimming Lesson” – has been held at the Great Wolf Lodge for the last couple of years.  Can’t Wait !



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