We have entered the Puzzle phase…

DD10 has become obsessed with puzzles.  At this point they ALL have images of horses on them.  It has been challenging. 

We started with two 500 piece puzzles.  The first puzzle had many different shapes (like a good puzzle should), and two horses running through a green field.  The pieces were fairly large, so sorting and assembling was made easier.
2013-02-25 20.16.29

The second puzzle was from the dollar store, and we found out quickly that there were only two shapes, and that they could easily be sorted by colour too.   This didn’t make it any easier though.  The pieces were a lot smaller than the first puzzle.
2013-02-25 20.16.44

Both puzzles have been glued and will be hung in DD10’s room when ready.  

And now we venture to the next level – 1000 pieces.   The puzzle we have this time is again horses.  This time there is only one style of shape, and they are all approximately the same size.  Our only hope will be to sort by colour as best we can.

Wish us luck !

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