We are on a grand adventure of Homeschooling.

We began our adventure in July 2011.   On the last day of public school, when I picked up my girls, my oldest (grade 3 at the time) came out of her portable (an outside classroom for anyone who isn’t familiar with the over crowding of schools), and as all the kids were yelling “yeah summer vacation”, she was yelling “Yeah I get to homeschool”.    It was quite adorable.

We were really lucky.  All the teachers and the principal of the school were very positive for us after they found out we were pulling the kids out of school.

The first year was a storm of information.  We had picked a curriculum, or rather I had picked a curriculum.   It was something that was really more my style of learning.  I finally came to terms by April of that school year, that it was NOT my children’s learning style.    My children were completely opposite to me.   I had to learn to sit back, take a breather, and find something that would be better for them.

I found Ambleside Online.   Majority of the curriculum was available for free, which was perfect for me.   We just needed to find math and foreign language.

Our adventure continues with no end in sight.  The kids are still very adamant that they do NOT want to go back to school.  They love being home with mom.

Of course we have our moments.  Anyone would being in a house 24 hrs a day, but all those ‘moments’ have brought us so much closer together.   We wouldn’t change anything.

Happy Homeschooling, and may your adventures be as full as ours.